Sunday, June 7, 2009

back in dehli [WHAT WHAT]

so after a lengthy, twisty, descending car ride down a mountain, and numerous vomitous explosions of the mouth, we finally arrived back in dehli. it's strange being back here and thinking about our first day in india. we walked around like we owned da skreets, and didn't take nuffin from nobody. we went to this delicious restaurant called united coffee house, which was beautifully adorned with crystals and gold and fancy shmancy paint and table cloths. we all ate a delicious meal and said goodbye to j.t. i was very sad to see him go, i think he is a very cool mang and i plan on visiting him in l.a... fo sho. i'm sad to leave india, but excited to see my family, unwind, lay on the beach, and tell them all about my adventures. we have one final group activity tomorrow and then the rest of the day is free until we leave for the airport. this has been a crazy journey.

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