Thursday, June 11, 2009

India, you've changed my view on life, permanantly and for the better.

All I can say is thank God/Buddha/Vishnu/Ganesh/His Holiness the XIVth, etc for good ol' American wifi! India has definitely changed my views of the world in general. It's amazing to realize the beauty of the things we take for granted, yet at the same time how useless it is that we take them for granted in the first place. I'd give up wifi for a view of the beautiful Himalayas and the clean fresh air each morning as I wake up. I've been to Canada briefly, but never really outside of the states in my life (definitely not this far!) The world is incredible. India is part of the proof for that claim. The people in this world are incredible. The people on this trip also apply to that. I had some great fun with you guys and really enjoyed the trip. Delhi has made the smell of a bowel movement almost reminiscent of good times. Agra has made me realize that I can get ripped off by an 8 year old and not even realize it for weeks. Rishikesh has made me realize that a prepubescent teen could row a raft better than I and green Indian peppers are something that should be avoided if one likes his or her own taste buds. Dharmsala has made me realize a variety of things; one that we take so much for granted, two that we have so much more that we could do for others less fortunate, and three the uselessness of the things that we actually take for granted. All in all, this trip has changed my life. I love everyone on the trip (the plane post might have been a little over the top and I apologize; sleep deprivation and utter confusion can do that, I just didn't expect such vulgar replies) and I've found all of you to be completely unique and interesting individuals. Just the fact that you were all willing to pack up a few bags and head off to India to explore in itself assures me that you all have the mentality and gusto to go and do anything you want. It's people that venture out to see things like that that end up going along and pursuing big dreams. I hope to hear from most of you in the future, and I wish you all the best of luck. P.S. Sorry if my jokes weren't of your taste; just trying to lighten the mood while we were in such an insane environment, I didn't realize it was taken as badly as it was.

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