Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Warning: Our Final Leave

So, I need an extra two blog entries as I’m told, and I’ll go ahead and use this one as a warning for the next one. If you can’t handle having your issues in group membership and compassion for others (which if ANYTHING, this trip should have had some effect on that) then avoid the next blog entry; because as much as I enjoyed the trip with you people and the close bond I got with everyone during the trip, something really disappointed me today and I’m going to rail hard on it. I mean no offense to anyone, and no personal insults will be made, but the mentality of the group needs to finally take it’s toll and be reviewed in a blunt matter, and that is what I’ll be doing. I sit on the plane to Raleigh right now typing this blog, just prepping for the correct thing to say without trying to offend anyone, but to call out faults that I believe need to be brought up to everyone’s attention. I am not the perfect person; I do not claim to be anywhere near even what I would consider a good person. There are people in the Peace Corps and non-profit organizations trying to make the world a better place that are good people; I’m not one of them at this stage in my life, and I don’t know if I ever will be. Honestly, I believe I’m a pretty crappy person, when I consider myself in general; but I do hold ethical standards to benefit human beings in general, and when it comes to putting people in a bad/terrifying situation by themselves without any remorse for the action of it crosses the line for me. So if you don’t want to hear these statements, then keep your distance from the next post by myself.

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