Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rotten Eggs

So, I feel like a total Debbie Downer for writing about this after Nicole's really awesome post, but I just couldn't let this interesting story of India go untold. Anyways, here it goes. Yesterday was a pretty busy day, so I was definitely tired last night and ready to get some good sleep before we met the Karmapa Lama this morning (which was really cool, by the way). So, my roommate Kristen and I are just laying in bed a little before 1am, talking over the day's events. All of a sudden, we catch a whiff of the strongest and most awful smell of sulfur (rotten eggs). By the time we rule out the presence of a dead animal/stink bomb/exploding water heater as the source of the stench, the smell has completely filled our room. Kristen and I both run outside to get some fresh air, where we see Andy, Mac, and Becca. Even though they had already gotten a taste of the smell, they still confirmed that our room was the culprit. The possibility of Kristen and I actually sleeping in our room wasn't looking so good (unless we preferred to suffocate), so we ran around for a good 10 minutes debating on whether or not to wake up the hotel owners at 1 in the morning. Along the way, we happen to see Chelsea talking to this white dude dressed as a monk. As we tell her about the horrible odor in our room, the monk says he knows a few things about plumbing (go figure), so we let him check out our room. I honestly didn't want him to go in there because I just knew he would pass out from the smell, and putting a monk in that sort of danger didn't seem to be the best way to gain good karma. Anyways, he spends maybe two minutes messing around our bathroom, waves a bunch of incense everywhere, and the rotten egg smell was completely gone. Just like that. It was a miracle. By the way, the "monk" turned out to actually not be a monk. However, the long red robes he was wearing definitely gave me and Kristen the impression he was a holy man, and to be honest, it made the effect of the disappearing odor that much more impressive.

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