Friday, June 5, 2009

late blogger

so... i know i am a late blogger. i've been trying to avoid the interweb as much as possible. needless to say, India is quite amazing, and our trip has almost come to an end. we are currently in Dharamshala, and i think this town is my favurite of the ones we've been to. today, we were able to help out a slum with repairs and whatnot. i learned this really cool way to sew and really enjoyed it. the children there are so adorable, sweet, polite and happy dispite their surroundings. i wanted to take so many home with me. i'm going to try and convinve my family to become a host family. we've been eating so much delicious food here, it's ridiculous. i've had some fried momos tonight, along with cheese macaronni and some fig ice cream. i will miss the fig ice cream fo sho. i think i probably ate it about 12 times a day whilst in Varanasi. one of my favurite places we've eaten is called KarnaNirvana, this lovely vegan restaurant. i sang at an open mic night there a couple nights ago, and it was really cool to watch all the people perform. i really love Dharmshala and India, and hope to return with my family sometime soon.

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