Friday, June 5, 2009

See you later India..

This is probably one of the cutest girls ever. She was so sweet, energetic, and that adorable smile never left her face. She is one of the many kids where the slum is called home. We visited the slum two days during our visit in Dharmasala. The first day we put on a picnic and the second day we repaired some of the tents that got destroyed during a recent storm. Despite all of the families and childrens conditions they were all so excited to see us and were so polite. It broke my heart to leave all of the children. The other picture is one of the many views we have from our hotel of the Himalayas. We are surrounded by them and every view is breath taking. It is unfortunate and hard to believe that our journey only has three days left :( I have learned so much on our trip. The friends that I've made, bonds I've shared and knowledge I've gained along the way will never be forgotten. I know I will be back to India one day, hopefully it will be sooner than later. Namaste.

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  1. Becs! I've ready your posts and can see you have had an AMAZING experience! Continue to enjoy every moment and don't think about your return home until it's really happening - you don't want to miss any of the adventure! I love you SO much, am very proud (and a bit jealous, :) ) and I'm looking forward to hearing you tell all about it! The little girl is ADORABLE!