Thursday, June 11, 2009


हेललो, I'll try to make this my last blog entry. I've uploaded some pictures of our trek up Triund. वे हद अ (I'm sorry it keeps typing in hindi). umm, as we hiked up the trail a Golden Eagle launched off of it's nest a few feet from our heads and then floated around us for the rest of the day, sometimes with a couple of others. At the "top" (there really isn't a top it all seems to keep going up and up and up into space) we were greeted by a some huts serving dal and rice and chai. We chilled up there for a while, literally, as it got right cold and we were all sweaty and wet. Just as we were sipping our hot Chai a thunder storm upon us and hailed like I've never seen before. We huddled under the awning of the shack, Tibetans, Indians, Brits, and us. I got this cool picture of the pack mule eating the hail with Monsignor Seth in the background. We started to head down the other side of the mountian and this way we gazed upon all of Dharamsala, we could see the new cricket stadium close to where the Rajastani Slums were, and we could see the Dalai Lama's home in exile.
Then we got hailed on with no where to hide. Hail doesn't really hurt all that bad. Hail no.
Now that I'm back to Greenville everything seems so slow and empty. I guess because everyone's away for summer. I got real sick my first day back from something I ate at the Dehli airport and had a high fever. It sucked.
Seeing India is essential to any world traveler. I think I may have to put new people I meet into two categories: been to india or not been to india.
Namaskar, g.


  1. Andy - You may recall our own "family vacation" hike up across Mt. Washington in the fog. We did nearly 20 miles that day. This trek sounds wondrous. Welcome home even though an experience such as this would compell anyone to consider a heart-felt return.

  2. Andy and All - Now that "all y'all" have been back in the US for six weeks, what lessons that you learned in India still stand in sharp relief and how have you integrated them into your personal vision?